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WOODS on Pender & WIRTH Hats Partnership

For Mental Health Month, WIRTH has partnered with WOODS on Pender for their most impactful partnership & giveaway yet. A two night stay at WOODS on Pender and two 1-for-1 WIRTH Hats which will sponsor two counselling sessions for someone who would otherwise be unable to afford.

The partnership between the two organizations is a perfect fit, WOODS on Pender is about nurture and healing. To help people feel grounded and cared for, especially during disconnected times. WOODS on Pender offers a unique, luxury camp experience on beautiful Pender Island. The property is situated on a tranquil wooded 7.3 acres and has 4 unique accommodation options - Airstreams, Rustic cabins, Modern Bunkie Cabins and the WOODS Motel. WOODS allows people to escape the pressures of urban life and gaze up at the stars from their deck and unwind in a tranquil environment.

In general, we spend far less time in nature than we did even 25 or 50 years ago.. More jobs are indoors, and children are less likely to play outside. Some of us rarely go into nature at all. But nature and the outdoors can be powerful medicine - helping us to heal, boosting our immunity and improving our mental well-being

We all know the feeling of getting to a place where we can take a big breath of fresh air and let out a large sigh. That's the feeling that WOODS can provide.

The connection to mental health and nature has long been appreciated but never fully understood. Over the last ten years more research has been done to try and figure why spending time in nature seems to be so beneficial for our mental well being. A 2015 study showed that people who went for a 90 minute walk in a natural setting vs an urban one had much lower activity in their prefrontal cortex afterwards, specifically areas that are active during thought rumination. A recent article released in the BC Medical Journal in March of 2021, shared more about the benefits of nature and how going for a 30 minute walk and spending time in nature can have a beneficial impact on your mental wellbeing.

WOODS owner, Curtis Redel on the importance of spending time in nature and partnering with WIRTH: 

“As we come out of one of the most challenging years of our lives we must have hope for the future. Now more than ever we need nurture, kindness and hope. WIRTH’s mission touched me in a very personal way. We have all gone through tough times and the only thing that often gets us through is that it will pass. For some of us depression is not situational it looms over us everyday. As humans we all need love and connection. If it can’t be with another person Mother Nature can provide some of that connection. Enveloping us in her arms surrounded by the forest, stars at night and frogs chirping gives us comfort and grounding that is so hard to get these days.

We hope our WIRTH partnership can help those that need counselling and encourage people not to forget to get out and spend time in nature. May is Mental Health Month and what better time to help someone get connected. We look forward to working with WIRTH in their mission.”

At WIRTH we believe taking proactive steps for our mental health is crucial for our overall health and well being. Getting outside as much as possible is a great proactive step, whether that is spending time in your local park, going for a walk in the woods, or escaping to a beautiful place like WOODS on Pender.

This is just the beginning for the WOODS X WIRTH partnership. Stay tuned for more in the  future!

Lots of Love,




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