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WIRTH Hats is a hat company committed to doing something about mental health. Buy a hat, give a counselling session.

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The WIRTH Hats Story

WIRTH Hats was created in memory of Jakob WIRTH who lost his life to suicide. Take a few minutes to watch or read about why we do what we do.

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The WIRTH Hats Counselling Program

Proceeds from every purchase goes towards the WIRTH Hats Counselling Fund, providing counselling for those unable to afford it.

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Bundle any hat or toque with our new Journal and Candle for only $100.

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The WIRTH Story

Jakob Wirth had a dream of creating a hat company. He envisioned something recognizable; something stylish; something people would love to wear. For him, hats weren’t just an accessory, they were the perfect addition to an outfit, and a central part of what could make someone feel unique. Unfortunately Jakob was never able to live out his dream, in 2014 Jakob died by suicide. At that time, 25 hats were made in Jakob’s honour for his closest friends and family. This served as a way to help fulfill his dream and remind us that we are never as alone as we sometimes think we are.

It was here we thought the WIRTH Story would end.

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WIRTH Hats Counselling Program

From the founding of WIRTH Hats, it has always been our mission to remove barriers that prevent people from accessing counselling.  One of those barriers that many face is affordability. Through the sale of our hats, hosting events, as well as corporate and personal donations, we are now happy to provide free counselling sessions for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Each individual who is sponsored by the WIRTH Hats counselling fund will receive 4 sessions of free counselling with the opportunity for further support.

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