WIRTH Hats is a hat company committed to doing something about mental health. WIRTH Hats are a tribute to loved and lost friends. It’s a commitment to conversation and openness. We aim to break down barriers and promote dialogue to improve mental health.

Jakob Wirth had a dream of creating a hat company. He envisioned something recognizable; something stylish; something people would love to wear. For him, hats weren’t just an accessory, they were the perfect addition to an outfit, and a central part of what could make someone feel unique. Unfortunately Jakob was never able to live out his dream, in 2014 Jakob died by suicide. At that time, 25 hats were made in Jakob’s honour for his closest friends and family. This served as a way to help fulfill his dream and remind us that we are never as alone as we sometimes think we are.

In 2017, classmate and friend of Jakob, Philipp Altenburg also took his life. Philipp had a dream for people to be open and vulnerable, yet he struggled to do so himself. Philipp was a dreamer and without him WIRTH Hats wouldn’t be here today.

The goal of WIRTH Hats is simple, we want everyone in the world to know they are not alone, and we believe owning a WIRTH Hat will help with that. By wearing a WIRTH Hat, we invite you to be open, to listen and to always remember you are #wirthit!

Crux is a documentary about the life of Harvey Wright. After nearly losing himself, due to drugs, alcohol and mental health struggles Harvey seeks to find healing in his life through the outlet of rock climbing. 

Conversations with Counsellors

In Episode 3 we feature: Brian Dean Williams, Counsellor and WIRTH friend. WIRTH’s goal is to reduce the stigma and break down barriers around counselling and therapy. Conversations with Counsellors is one step towards that goal. 

#WIRTHStayingIn Initiative

Supporting our Mental Health during COVID 

Offering free online counselling for those who need and can’t afford 

Wall of Indiegogo Donors

Our “Wall of Indiegogo Donors” is to honour all of those that have enabled us to reach this major milestone.  A heartfelt thank you to:

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