At Wirth, we do more than just give. We exist to make a mental health impact.

6500+ Therapy sessions sponsored*

*To date and counting

Making Mental Health Less Big & Scary

In 2019, we launched the Wirth Counselling Program. A fund supported by the sale of our hats & direct donations to provide therapy for those who otherwise would not be able to afford it. The goal of the Wirth Counselling Fund was not only to remove the stigma of asking for help, but to also to break down the barriers to access mental health support. Since 2019, we have helped cover the costs of thousands of therapy hours for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford them. In 2023, Wirth Foundation was created to further expand our counselling program and its impact.

10,000 +

Hats Sold

6500 +

Therapy Sessions Sponsored To Date

200,000 +

Wirth Story
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Mental Health Conversations Started

Our largest impact & greatest accomplishment is simple: Inspiring mental health conversations that may not have otherwise happened and providing professional support to individuals who may not have otherwise received it. Receiving personal thank-you messages from our community, who have used our resources, will always be the driving force behind Wirth. 

"There are no words to describe how this help has gotten me through the hardest moments of my life. I am so grateful. It enabled me to continue crawling out of a very dark hole. Homelessness is no small matter and so close to home. Thank you deeply."

 “I am so fortunate to have had access to the support your company provides, and cannot thank you enough for bringing much needed compassion, kindness, and love into this world. I can assure you it’s truly making a difference- beyond what you can imagine.”

 “I am grateful to have received counselling support through Wirth earlier this year. I am just writing to give a big thank you. It’s truly incredible the difference your help has made, and continues to make in my life.”

“Wirth connected me to help when I needed it. I am now doing and feeling better, and Wirth was a real and significant part of that.”

"I am very grateful. This has been a life changing opportunity for me. I am developing tools that will stay with me in the long term. I did not know this kind of resource could be accessible to me.”

“The Wirth Counselling program helped me when I was in an uncertain and confusing place in my life. The whole process was very easy.”

We believe that by caring for our mental health, the world can become a better place. 

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