Looking for support?

We are here to help.

Wirth Hats was founded with a mission to remove the barriers that prevent people from accessing mental health support. One of those barriers that many face is affordability. Through the sale of our hats and donations from our community, we are happy to provide free therapy support for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Each individual who is sponsored by Wirth Foundation will receive up to eight free therapy sessions with a registered therapist.

The Goal Of Wirth Hats Is Simple

Make quality hats that act to start conversations around mental health.

Reduce the stigma around reaching out for support.

Provide financial assistance for therapy for those who cannot afford it.

How does it work?


If you or someone you know is unable to afford therapy, Wirth Foundation will provide up to eight sessions of free therapy.


Click on the link below to apply (takes no more than 10 minutes).


You will receive an email from our therapy coordinator to schedule a 15 minute intake call. From there we will pair you with one of our counselling providers.

How Can Therapy Be Beneficial?

Therapy offers a structured, supportive, and safe environment for individuals to express what is on their mind. Engaging in or trying therapy is for everyone. Talking to a professional can be a proactive measure of self-love, a step in better understanding oneself, or seeking clarity in a wide range of mental health challenges. Therapy can play a crucial role in promoting mental and emotional well-being, ultimately empowering individuals to lead happier, healthier lives.


Please see our mental health emergency resources page which is organized by country.  Or if you are in Canada call 988 (Crisis Helpline) or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

Millions of individuals are in need of mental health support yet are unable to afford. Mental health support can make a significant difference in the lives of individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges. Through therapy, individuals can gain insight into their behaviours and patterns, develop coping skills to manage stress and regulate emotions, build resilience to navigate life's challenges more effectively, and receive support for a variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. To date, Wirth has sponsored over 6500 therapy hours.

If you could use support but are unable to afford therapy, please visit wirthfoundation.org.

Our online portal will take no more than ten minutes and you can receive up to eight sessions of free therapy support

Wirth Hats launched the Wirth Counselling Program in 2019 with the goal of breaking stigma around professional support while providing support to individuals who struggle to afford counselling services. Since then, we have helped cover the costs of thousands of therapy hours for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford them. In 2023, Wirth Foundation was created to further increase our mental health impact and counselling support. Wirth Foundation is a registered charity that works alongside Wirth Hats to provide therapy for individuals who cannot afford.