WIRTH Hats is Partnering with the text-based Emotional Wellness App, HearMe to Provide Further Mental Health Support

WIRTH Hats is Partnering with the text-based Emotional Wellness App, HearMe to Provide Further Mental Health Support

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October 10th is World Mental Health Day. As we reflect on the state of mental health in the world today, access to mental health care has become more important than ever. And that is why we’re excited today to announce a partnership with the text-based app HearMe to further support our community!

Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, validated, and supported for exactly who they are. We’re excited to announce our partnership with HearMe– an app that lets you text with a real person 24/7 who is trained to provide support and listen to your fears, frustrations, joys or struggles, or just to help you get through the day.

Our mission for WIRTH has always been to reduce the barriers surrounding mental health, counselling and therapy. Whether that's financial, stigma or access. We hope this partnership can help with all three!

We want to provide this partnership to the WIRTH community at no cost and without having to wait to hear back from us. Simply click the link below and fill out a brief form. Check for your welcome email from HearMe (make sure you look in your junk folder as well) with your link to download the app and create your account. Once you’re in, you can start chatting with a peer support specialist in minutes, anytime, day or night.

We believe having a safe space to talk about our mental health at any time of day is a necessity and with HearMe we can help provide this for our community.

"WIRTH Hats is extremely excited to collaborate with HearMe to provide emotional support in a timely manner. Sometimes we just need someone to listen and to feel seen and heard, whether we’re lonely, sad or feeling alone, HearMe can help."
- Ben Miller, co-founder of WIRTH Hats

"Our team was incredibly moved and inspired by the WIRTH Hats story. There was no question that this was a company and a mission that we wanted to be a part of. We are grateful to be a resource for the WIRTH community and provide a safe space for people to be heard and know they are not alone."
- Adam Lippin, founder & CEO, HearMe

Supporting ourselves and those around us can be hard sometimes. We hope this WIRTH partnership can be a small step to helping it be a little easier.

Happy World Mental Health Day!

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HearMe is an on-demand peer support application where people connect through the power of shared lived experience. HearMe leverages certified listeners for 24/7/365 access to text-based peer support for those issues you need to get off your chest. HearMe envisions a world where all people are understood and heard the moment they need it, allowing them to thrive as individuals and collectively as members of their community. Learn more at hearme.app.


WIRTH Hats is a Vancouver brand that is dedicated to making an impact in the mental health space in a way that’s impactful and empowering. All our hats are made in Vancouver, BC with every hat purchase going to support counselling and therapy for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. The WIRTH story is the driving force behind what we do and the reason for our name, which is in honour of our friend Jakob Wirth. You can check out the full story of WIRTH Hats on our story page at wirthhats.com/story

For more information, visit WIRTHHats.com.
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