WIRTH Hats to partner with Inkblot to create mental health impact

WIRTH Hats to partner with Inkblot to create mental health impact

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March 4th, 2021

Vancouver, BC: WIRTH Hats is excited to partner with Inkblot– a Canadian-based company dedicated to supporting convenient and affordable counselling services in the area of mental health.

WIRTH Hats continuously works towards building an inclusive culture, where people can share feelings and thoughts without fear and stigma. It is believed that providing accessible and affordable counselling and therapy could be a crucial gateway to promoting mental health.

Proceeds from WIRTH Hat sales go toward supporting our counselling fund, which pays for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford counselling.  We shipped headwear around the world and continues to amplify its reach. 

To apply for counselling support through WIRTH Hats, visit the WIRTH Hats counselling page. Upon approval, counselling will be granted for an agreed-upon duration. 

WIRTH Hats mission is three-fold:

  • To make the best hats and headwear our heads have ever seen, in honour of Jakob Wirth’s dream 
  • Reduce the stigma around counselling and therapy
  • Help pay for these services for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it 

“WIRTH Hats is extremely excited to partner with Inkblot as one of our counselling partners. Our goal is to provide counselling for anyone who is in need, anywhere in the world. Thanks to Inkblot, we will have the access to make this impact.”

– Ben Miller (Co-founder of WIRTH Hats)

We are pleased to support WIRTH Hats in helping individuals access mental health care. Inkblot's mission is to provide affordable and accessible mental health care and are pleased to align with WIRTH Hats important charity,”

– Luke Vigeant, CEO of Inkblot. 

Jakob Wirth dreamed of creating a hat company. He also struggled with depression. WIRTH Hats’ is a symbol of the importance of our mental health. These hats start the conversation and have been rightly deemed the ‘hug for your head.’

ABOUT Inkblot

At Inkblot, we aim to help you feel motivated and at your best. We ground our approach in the belief that mental health services should be convenient, affordable and confidential. Above all, we aim to provide the highest quality personalized care. Inkblot uses advanced technologies for intelligent matching, monitoring effectiveness, and eliminating geographical barriers. At the same time, we maximize the human connection between care providers and clients. We believe this harmony is the key to our success. Our mission is to help you have a more meaningful, connected and joyful life. 

For more information, visit inkblottherapy.com


WIRTH Hats is a hat company that cares about mental health, committed to ending the stigma around counselling & therapy. Our profits go towards supporting mental health initiatives. WIRTH Hats is a tribute to loved and lost friends. It’s a commitment to conversation and openness. We aim to break down barriers and promote open dialogue about mental health. The goal of WIRTH Hats is simple: we want everyone in the world to know they are not alone, and we believe owning a WIRTH Hat will help with that. By wearing a WIRTH Hat, we invite you to be open, to listen and to always remember – You’re #WirthIt.” 

For more information, visit WIRTHHats.com.


For WIRTH Hats;

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen


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