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What Is The WIRTH Hats Counselling Program?

From the founding of WIRTH Hats, it has always been our mission to remove barriers that prevent people from accessing counselling.  One of those barriers that many face is affordability. Through the sale of our hats, hosting events, we are now happy to provide free counselling sessions for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Each individual who is sponsored by the WIRTH Hats counselling fund will receive 4 sessions of free counselling with a possibility for further support.

The Mission Of WIRTH Hats Is Simple


Make the best darn hats our heads have ever seen (In honour of Jakob Wirth’s dream).


Reduce the stigma around counselling and therapy.


To provide financial assistance for counselling and therapy for those who cannot afford it.

What’s the application process for Counselling?

If you or someone you know is unable to afford counselling and would like to see a counsellor, please fill out the online form below.

What others are saying

“WIRTH Counselling helped jumpstart my mental health healing journey.”


“WIRTH connected me to help when I needed it. I'm now doing and feeling better, and WIRTH was a real and significant part of that.”


“I found the counselling program through WIRTH helpful. I definitely left my sessions having learnt a few new things.”


“I asked for help when I needed it, and WIRTH was waiting with open arms.”


“The WIRTH Counselling program helped me out while I was in an uncertain and confusing place in my life. The whole process was very easy, and rather quick.”


“I could not say enough good things about this program and the amazing things the WIRTH team has done for me. Thank you!”


Counselling Criteria

  • Be financially unable to pay for counselling under your current financial situation.
  • Be willing to follow through with a minimum of 4 counselling sessions.
  • Be willing to start the process no later than 2 weeks from hearing back from us.
  • Be willing to provide feedback on the experience (no personal, confidentiality information).

*Note: You will be able to change counsellors throughout the process if you feel your current counsellor is not the best fit. All sessions will be conducted online through our counselling partners.

If you are a resident of Vancouver BC, in-person options may be available as well.

General Questions

What happens after I apply?

Once you connect with us, you will receive an email from us with next steps

Note: As much as we would love to help everyone receive counselling, our financial resources are limited and we will do our best to accommodate eligible applicants as much as we can.

I’m a counsellor. How can I help?

If you are a counsellor who would like to be involved with WIRTH, please get in touch! 

Our goal is to create a network of counsellors throughout the world that are a part of the WIRTH family. 

Register yourself by completing the COUNSELLORS & THERAPISTS FORM

Can this program help me in an emergency?

No. This program is not intended for emergency situations. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please see the WIRTH Mental Health Resources Guide or contact your local emergency number.

*If your country is not listed on our resources guide, please Google “Mental Health Crisis Line” for your country of residence and call that number.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

We’d love to help address any remaining questions you may have about our Counselling Program.

Please contact us on contact form or  at


If you are a counsellor or therapist and would like to either get involved or be listed on our resource page, please fill in the form below.


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