Supporting our Mental Health during COVID – #WIRTHStayingIn Initiative 

~ Offering free online counselling for those who need and can’t afford ~



WIRTH Hats is a Vancouver brand that is dedicated to making an impact in the mental health space in a way that’s empowering, impactful and fun. All our hats are made in Vancouver, BC with every hat purchase going to support counselling and therapy for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. With our online counselling providers we are able to support those in need. Wherever they’re located in the world. 

The WIRTH story is a longer one.  And the reason for our name, which is in honour of our friend Jakob Wirth. – You can check out the full story of WIRTH Hats at wirthhats.com/story or our story video


The last couple weeks have been tough on the mental health of many.  For an unknown time ahead, this could continue to be one of the most challenging times in our lives. The stress of COVID-19 coupled with economic decline, job loss, uncertainty and isolation has caused unprecedented fear, anxiety and emotion in our society.For many people, the mental health effects of COVID-19 will be just as challenging to address as the physical health effects. 

Counselling and therapy is one of the most useful and beneficial ways to support a community’s mental health as a whole. Thanks to technology,we’re able to have 3000+ counsellors at our fingertips ready to help and support.

WIRTH Hats’ goal is to support as many people as possible through online counselling during this challenging time.


If you’re someone who would just like to support in others counselling needs please go to: my.charitableimpact.com/campaigns/wirthhats. If you do not need a tax receipt please email transfer to counselling@wirthhats.com

Over the next month, if you’re an organization who believes your community could benefit from counselling support, please get in touch with WIRTH to chat about a partnership.  For any business who is willing to subsidize  $150, we will match their donation to provide 1 month of free online counselling for one individual.

Over the next month, if you’re an individual who needs support but can’t afford counselling, please get in touch with WIRTH and we will do our best to support you with one month of free online counselling.  Simply visit wirthhats.com/counsellingprogram

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Main call to action: Encourage people to reach out who need the help / prompt organizations to partner/ sponsor a counselling session for someone.