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What Brings Me Wirth, with Praise Vaughn

What is it that you do for your own mental health?

What is it that you do for your own mental health? We hung out with Praise Vaughn, boxing and fitness instructor (and overall badass) at her stylish abode in Gastown for our #BringsMeWirth series. Known for catalyzing sheer strength and energy amongst the people around her constantly, her mental health practice is quiet, quaint, and involves her furry friend, Herbie.

How do you recoup after such a high energy job?

It’s hanging out with Herbie. I hang out and talk to a lot of people for my job–I’m constantly around people I coach. I interact with a lot of people all day long and I teach big groups–like, thirty people per class and that takes a lot of energy. I’m actually kind of an introvert, so hanging out with Herbie is like my recharge. Getting some time alone to just chill in my safe space at home with Herbie is what keeps me sane and able to keep going and have energy for people again. Then I can serve best, and have a tone of energy for my clients and my students. So if you enjoy any classes with me, it’s because Herbie keeps me goin’.

Tell us more about Herbie’s significance to you?

I love him very much, he’s basically my whole heart. I don’t have kids so he’s like my child. He’s my best friend. I grew up with him and had him since I was eighteen. He’s a rescue dog, and I got him when he was 6 months old. He’s just always been very special to me. We have a really special connection where I feel like he reads my mind *laughing* interesting now that he’s deaf and blind and I still feel like he always knows what’s happening. He gives me purpose and he gives me comfort and it’s just nice to see that when you love something so much, how that love becomes something. Like health; he’s had a couple of health scares and just pouring love and attention and care into something, you can then see something blossom from that. You can see those results, right in front of you. I think that’s really rewarding, taking care of this little guy…he takes care of me.

Praise Vaughn

Owner – Informed Fitness, Model, Nutritionist, Boxing Instructor, Badass, Really Good Human


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