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Introducing The Small Wins Cap with Obabika

We work hard to protect the planet, and are grateful to spend time outside as a place to recharge & vibe out.  

We linked up with Obabika to celebrate the connection between mental health and the outdoors, while helping you let others know that you actually left your house today. But if you didn't, that's chill too.

Something many of us take for granted is the ability to simply just go outside. Over the last 18 months or so, fresh air was a bit harder to come by during quarantines, lockdowns, and distancing measures. It also layered on a new complexity to those struggling with mental health issues, making the outdoors feel like a whole new hurdle. 

As environmental workers, we deal with a pretty dark topic day in and day out. It can be really challenging to get motivated to work on a campaign, or an issue that is literally crippling the planet. This takes a huge toll on our mental health, and can make for some long, dark periods of time. Ultimately, nothing gets us back on track like heading outside and that is something we want to share.

If you are unfamiliar, Obabika is a not-for-profit digital marketing and creative studio for environmental efforts. Our mission is to provide grassroots environmental groups with subsidized services to help your organization reach their goals.

Together, we are releasing The Small Wins Bucket Hat, Dad Cap, and Patch for your own application to show off your day’s crowning achievement. 

To us, heading outside is a refreshing reminder of why we do what we do and a daily routine that has been important over the past year and change. While just a few minutes, it’s important to celebrate the small wins.

You can purchase the caps and patch here.


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