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Countries Where WIRTH Hats Live

When we started WIRTH Hats in 2018 the goal was pretty simple, to get as many WIRTH Hats onto people's heads as possible. Our Co-Founder, Ben Miller used to joke with the owner of our production facility that we would be their biggest client, but there was always truth behind it. Our goal really is for everyone in the world to own a WIRTH Hat. 

If you have read the WIRTH Hats story on our website, Ben’s words are there: “It’s my dream for everyone in the world to own a WIRTH Hat, but more importantly, I want everyone to own what a WIRTH Hat represents. If we can get to a point where we treat our mental health the same as we do our physical health, I know the world will be a better place”. 

A WIRTH Hat is a symbol for conversation and openness, which is why we are so active in supporting counselling and therapy. 

A WIRTH Hat represents value and importance. We believe that the world needs your beauty and your spark. WIRTH Hats are an everyday reminder that we are never alone and that we need to make our mental health a priority. If we do, we will be healthier and happier individuals, families and communities.  

In writing this, we’re not naive to the fact that not everyone may be able to afford to purchase one of our hats, no matter the impact from buying and owning one. So, if you are someone who would love to own a WIRTH Hat, but do not have the means to purchase one, please get in touch with us. We hope in the not too distant future to make this an official part of our website, a place where individuals can donate a WIRTH Hat to others. But for now, get in touch with us at

To date, we have shipped WIRTH Hats to over 20+ countries. The list includes: Canada, U.S. Austria, UK, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Chile, Mexico, Ireland, Norway, Poland, New Zealand, Iceland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, South Korea, Japan, Romania, Finland and Indonesia. 

It is an amazing feeling to know that in just over two and half years, WIRTH Hats are being worn across the world! 

24 countries down. Only 171 more to go. World population of over 7 billion. Wow. Those are not small numbers. (Moment of paralysis!)

How about we just focus on the next country or person. One step at a time. (Alright, paralysis subsiding.)

To all the WIRTH Hats already out there. Thanks for hugging all those heads!  Keep doing what you do best. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported WIRTH, it’s been an incredible journey so far and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

WIRTH Hats are made with lots of LOVE in Vancouver, Canada.


- The WIRTH Team 


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