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Announcing Our New 1-For-1 Option

I remember getting off the phone with my good friend Philipp, he had just finished telling me that he didn’t have the money to pay for a counsellor and that once he was employed again he would go. It was tough to know whether Philipp would’ve gone even if he had the money because of the stigma associated with it. 
On July 1st of 2017, Philipp ended his life. He never did see that counsellor or seek out any professional help. The same was true for Jakob three years earlier. 
Since the start of WIRTH Hats our mission has been to reduce the stigma around counselling and therapy and help pay for those who would be unable to afford. We believe having a safe space to talk about our mental health is a necessity and the simple act of seeing a counsellor can save thousands of lives.
As you may already know, proceeds from all of our hats go towards supporting counselling and therapy for those who cannot afford it. And now, we are extremely proud and excited to announce our 1-for-1 upgrade option on all WIRTH Hats. Meaning: One hat equals = One counselling session paid for. Thats a lot of impact bundled up in one hat!
So with a 1-for-1 hat purchase you receive: 
  • A beautiful WIRTH Hat, handmade in Vancouver, BC
  • Fund an entire counselling session for someone in need
  • Support the ongoing work and endeavours of WIRTH Hats
  • A warm Hug For Your Head when it arrives at your door
This is a big day for us at WIRTH and we are excited to be sharing it with everyone who has supported us on this journey! Life can be hard, but we can do the things to make it easier.
If you or anyone you know is struggling, please seek support from a professional. When it comes to our mental health we need to be proactive rather than reactive. If you wait to go to the mechanic when your car is already on fire it will be that much harder to fix and get back on the road, the same goes for our mental health. Sometimes if we wait too long it can be too late.  At some point or another we all fall down in life, the goal of WIRTH is for all of us to have that professional in our corner before we do.
On this Giving Tuesday, we ask you to give yourself a mental health gift, go out and do something you love that is good for your own wellbeing. Or if you would rather buy a really nice hat and feel great about it, we suppose that’s okay too.
As always, if you or someone you know is struggling and can’t afford to see a counsellor. Please apply to the WIRTH Hats Counselling Program on our website.
Thanks so much!
Ben & The WIRTH Team


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