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Quad Tandem World Championships 2023

July 15th to July 23rd, 2023

Help us reach our goal of Sponsoring 5000 Counselling Sessions

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The Route

July 15th (Day 1: Leg1)

Start Keremeos-  Bike to Princeton Wildland Fire Base 70km 369m+ 102m-

July 16th (Day 2: Leg2)

Wildland Fire Base - Bike to Peach Orchard Campground Summerland 91.5km 447m+ 764m-

July 17th (Day 3:Leg3)

Peach Orchard Campground Summerland -  Bike to Fintry Provincial Park 77km 1149m+ 1164m-

July 18th (Day 4:Leg4)

Fintry provincial park-  Bike to Sandy point campground Salmon Arm 87.5km 530m+ 531m-

July 19th (Day 5:Leg5)

Sandy point campground Salmon arm -  Bike to 1933 McPherson Dr Revelstoke 113km 796m+ 584m-

July 20th

Recovery & Fundraising Day in Revelstoke 

July 21th (Day 6: Leg 6)

1933 McPherson Dr Revelstoke-  Bike to Nakusp Hot Springs Campground 113km 1305m+ 1078m-

July 22nd (Day 7: Leg7)

Nakusp Hot springs campground- Bike to Spring Creek Campground Slocan 92km 1009m+ 1220m-

July 23rd (Day 8: Leg8)

Spring creek campground Slocan- Bike to Finish: Nelson Municipal Campground End 69.5km 638m+ 655m-

An Adventure Like No Other

The Quad Tandem World Championships is a 8 day adventure race on quad tandem bikes where teams across the world compete for the grand prize - The Quad Cup!

The 2023 race will take place in British Columbia where five teams will cycle over 800 km’s from Keremeous to Nelson, BC. This year's teams will include: Team Great Britain, Team USA, Team New Zealand and Women’s and Mens Canadian Team.

How can you support? Please Donate and help us reach our goal of sponsoring 5000 counselling sessions! Follow the adventure on Instagram and TikTok at @wirthhats 

A Mental Health Fundraiser

The Quad Tandem World Championships is the ultimate team race and a mental health fundraiser for WIRTH Foundation. The WIRTH Foundation supports mental health counselling and therapy for those who cannot afford it. To date WIRTH has sponsored over 6000 counselling sessions. Through the Quad Tandem World Championships campaign our goal is to get to 10,000 counselling sessions sponsored. For more information on the history of WIRTH Foundation, please visit our story page here or donate here.

We look forward to you following along on this one-of-a-kind adventure!

Any questions, please contact us at:

2023 Quad Tandem World Championships


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