Custom Wirth Hats

Provide your team or event with a hat that will be sure to make an impact..

We want to make mental health less big and scary. Which is why we want to support other brands in getting their own Wirth Hats.

 Our Vancouver-made hats are a hug for your head that look great and spark conversations too.

  • Provide impactful team or event gifts. 
  • Options to fully customise or create a co-branded Hat or Beanie.
  • Include a Wirth Talk with your Wirth Hat.
  • Wirth Hats can inspire others to talk more openly about mental health.
  • Every Wirth Hat purchased supports therapy hours for someone who cannot afford it.
  • Elevate your team's mental health awareness or heighten the impact of your event by sharing the Wirth Story.

A few of our partners

“We have done a few collaborations with Ben and the team at WIRTH Hats, and are very proud to stand beside them and the good work they are doing. With each project, the WIRTH team has been very responsive and collaborative, and a pleasure to work with. The work that WIRTH does with mental health awareness is simply awesome. They have a strong connection with the community, and people who are introduced to their mission (and their style) become very quick fans. We look forward to continuing to work with Ben and the team.”

Alex Conconi
Lendesk, CEO

​​"We did a co-branded collaboration with WIRTH Hats and we couldn’t be happier with the result.  It was an impactful gift for our team and a great way to spark meaningful conversation across our company. WIRTH Hats is doing great work in the mental health space."

Christian Erfurt
Be My Eyes, CEO

“I’ve now done two orders of WIRTH Hats, and both times the hats were exactly as expected and delivered on time.  While the quality of the hats are great, and I’m happy they’re made in Canada, the reason the hats are so impactful is because of the work the WIRTH Hats team does using proceeds from the hats to pay for counselling for people who can’t afford. More people are struggling with their mental health now more than ever, and the hats are a great way to support a counselling fund and start conversation around it.  I’m proud to partner with WIRTH Hats, and I plan on putting in a third order again soon.”

Michael Downie
Youtuber, DownieLive Media Inc

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“It’s my dream for everyone in the world to own a WIRTH Hat, but more importantly, I want everyone to own what a WIRTH Hat represents. If we can get to a point where we treat our mental health the same as we do our physical health, I know the world will be in a much better place.”

- Ben Miller, co-founder at WIRTH Hats