Jakob Wirth (1988 – 2014) – Copenhagen, Denmark

Jakob is the honorary founder of WIRTH Hats. When Jakob shared with his classmate Ben that he wanted to start a hat company, it was different. “I love hats, plain and simple. I want to make hats that people are excited to put on every morning,” he told Ben. He just wanted to make hats – nice hats that people would be excited to wear. How could anyone argue with that?

In 2018 WIRTH Hats was created in honour of Jakob Wirth and his classmate Philipp Altenburg who also died by suicide. Jakob dreamed of creating his own hat company. To honour his dream, we’ve committed to bringing WIRTH Hats to life.

Ben Miller – Vancouver, BC

Ben is founder of WIRTH Hats. He started WIRTH Hats in honour of Jakob Wirth and Philipp Altenburg, two friends who left this world far too early. Outside WIRTH Hats, Ben has led leadership and team development workshops in a variety of countries and companies, including Canada, US, Germany and Denmark. He is the creator of Ben Miller Workshops and a consultant at Refinery Leadership.

Ben has a Master’s degree from Copenhagen’s Business School’s (CBS) Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship program and has trained at improv theatres in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. In 2018, Ben competed in the first ever Quad Tandem World Championships, where two teams of four raced down the coast from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California in support of mental health.

Ben believes every person should have a counsellor or therapist, whether you’re at your peak or at your bottom. He first saw a counsellor in 2016 and has continued to do so once a month since. The best book he’s read recently that helped him through a tough period was: “Radical Acceptance”, by Tara Brach.

Natalie Gulliver – Chicago, USA

As Founder & Creative Director of Poolhouse Creative, a design and production house with offices in both Chicago and Toronto, Natalie’s ability to understand a brand and what makes it tick is her finest quality. Her GSD attitude always results in a fun and creative partnership with a wildly successful outcome. Natalie has a background in Graphic Design, and her understanding of the Adobe Suite is an asset when collaborating with other creatives.

Career highlights:Creating unique & identifiable brand identities clients such as: The Seawolf, Studio B Web series, Specialty Coffee Association and an expansive collection of letterpress stationery.

Zafira Rajan – Vancouver, BC

Zafira is the founder of Zafira Rajan, Inc., a branding strategy and copywriting consultancy for conscious coaches, health, wellness and lifestyle entrepreneurs. She supports her clients in the elevation and creation of their brands through personality-driven conversion copy that brings their vision to life, and helps their audience lead healthier lives with joy and purpose.

Zafira has previously led the communications team at the nonprofit YES! Vancouver, and commits to donating a percentage of her earnings from each client to supporting literacy for women in underserved communities around the world. She’s a passionate about the power of community storytelling, and strives to help organizations and go-getters drive long-lasting, positive change.

She believes that the world is a better place when we don’t have to navigate it alone. She seeks out self-care in the forms of running by the seawall, regular counselling sessions at Peak Resilience Therapy, practicing yoga at Semperviva Yoga, 5.30AM meditations and group meditation with In Bed With Betty.

Alexander Jensen – San Francisco, Mexico, Copenhagen

Alexander is a passionate entrepreneur committed to social impact, and using technology for good.

He is currently the CCO at Be My Eyes, where he works hard to make the world more accessible to people with visual impairments. Alexander’s passions include social change, innovation, breaking down barriers and creative business development.

Before joining Be My Eyes, Alexander started several companies, and worked at several startup incubators where he supported and advised hundreds of companies.

It brings Alexander great joy to use his skills to support like-minded entrepreneurs in their efforts to effect positive change in the world.

Sasha Curry – Vancouver, BC

Sasha is an experienced creative leader with a passion for crafting industry disrupting stories for products and companies. She has lead multidisciplinary teams through the process of defining opportunities, creating community, shaping strategies, and designing concepts for our clients. Sasha is the founder and Creative Director of West Coast Brand Management–a storytelling agency based in downtown Vancouver, Canada. WCBM specializes in the sectors of non-profit and tech, elevating the stories of companies whose products and services were created with the common pursuit of making the world a better place. Sasha has spent time directing media publications and has managed public relations for brands like VOGUE and events like the GRAMMY Awards.

Adam Brown, CPA – Vancouver, BC

Adam is a Chartered Professional Accountant who has spent the last four years working with one of the largest accounting firms in the world. His experience includes working with a diverse set of clients including large, multinational companies, tech start-ups, and local non-profits.

Adam doesn’t believe in transactional accounting. He’s interested in building long-term relationships with his clients- the kind in which he can be relied upon to consistently reduce your stress, help you make informed decisions, and come through for you whenever challenges arise.

Prior to becoming a CPA, Adam served in the military for 16 years as an Armoured Tank Troop Leader.

Chad Weir – Vancouver, BC

Chad is a freelance business development consultant, project manager, event director, entrepreneur and marketing specialist with a focus on human development, leadership, health, wellness and change management. 

Chad has spent most of his life exploring human development, leadership, strategy, business development and the concept of global change management. He is currently focused on acquiring his PMP designation, obsessed with understanding the concept of the “tipping point”, developing his leadership capacity, while facilitating a conscious global shift in education, health and wellness. You can find him driving the charge behind initiatives like The Transplant Trot,  Wellmen, Mavrixx, Mindful Mass, Shorten The Divide and now, WIRTH Hats.