Hello my name is Ben Miller, founder of Wirth Hats, a non-profit hat company that was created in honour of my friend Jakob Wirth. Jakob dreamed of creating a hat company of his own, but unfortunately was never able to live out his dream. Jakob died by suicide. To honour his dream, I’ve committed to bringing Wirth Hats to life.

The full Wirth Hats story, linked below, is one of sadness, love, and turning something tragic into a meaningful story and powerful initiative.

Since the soft launch of Wirth Hats in May, we’ve hosted pop-ups at Patagonia and Sitka in Vancouver, Banded Peak Brewing in Calgary and Hooha Store in Copenhagen. In just five months, it’s already been a journey filled with amazing, sad, enlightening and eye-opening conversations. We’ve heard stories of people being on a ferry and knocking on stranger’s windows, just to show them they have a Wirth Hat, too. During our first pop-up at Patagonia, I was sharing the Wirth story with a young man. As I was speaking, he was closely examining all the details of the hats. Then, all of a sudden, he stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Dude, I get it. It’s a hug for your head! Say no more!” He went on to purchase several Wirth Hats for his friends and family. And on September 15th, Wirth Hats rode down the Pacific Coast on a quad tandem bike to raise awareness for mental health and share the Wirth Hats story.

“It’s my dream for everyone in the world to own a Wirth Hat, but more importantly, I want everyone to own what a Wirth Hat represents. If we can get to a point where we treat our mental health the same as we do our physical health, I know the world will be in a much better place.” – Wirth Hats Founder, Ben Miller

Wirth Hats are made in Vancouver, BC with high quality materials. Our goal for Wirth Hats over the next year is to send 1000 people to go to counselling or therapy.

Our goal is to get the Wirth Hats mission and story in front of as many people as possible. We would be so grateful if you can help in sharing our story. If you would like a shorter version, more assets or an interview with a team member, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Wirth Hats officially opened its online store on October 1st, 2018.  We will be hosting a Pop-up at Filson in Gastown, December 15th.

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Wirth Hats is a social venture, with profits going to support mental health initiatives. It’s a tribute to loved and lost friends. It’s a commitment to conversation and openness. We aim to break down barriers and promote open dialogue to improve mental health. The goal of Wirth Hats is simple: we want everyone in the world to know they are not alone, and we believe owning a Wirth Hat will help with that. By wearing a Wirth Hat, we invite you to be open, to listen and to always remember – You’re Wirth It.”

WIRTH Hats, a symbol for conversation

Wirth Hats’ online store opened October 1st

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