Jakob Wirth (1988 – 2014) – Copenhagen, Denmark

Jakob is the honorary founder of WIRTH Hats. When Jakob shared with his classmate Ben that he wanted to start a hat company, it was different. “I love hats, plain and simple. I want to make hats that people are excited to put on every morning,” he told Ben. He just wanted to make hats – nice hats that people would be excited to wear. How could anyone argue with that?

In 2018 WIRTH Hats was created in honour of Jakob Wirth and his classmate Philipp Altenburg who also died by suicide. Jakob dreamed of creating his own hat company. To honour his dream, we’ve committed to bringing WIRTH Hats to life.

Ben Miller – Vancouver, BC

Ben is one of the Co-Founders of WIRTH Hats. He started WIRTH Hats in honour of Jakob Wirth and Philipp Altenburg, two friends who left this world far too early. Outside WIRTH Hats, Ben has led leadership and team development workshops in a variety of countries and companies, including Canada, US, Germany and Denmark. He is the creator of Ben Miller Workshops and a consultant at Refinery Leadership.

Ben has a Master’s degree from Copenhagen’s Business School’s (CBS) Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship program and has trained at improv theatres in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. In 2018, Ben competed in the first ever Quad Tandem World Championships, where two teams of four raced down the coast from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California in support of mental health.

Ben believes every person should have a counsellor or therapist, whether you’re at your peak or at your bottom. He first saw a counsellor in 2016 and has continued to do so once a month since. The best book he’s read recently that helped him through a tough period was: “Radical Acceptance”, by Tara Brach.

Sasha Curry – Vancouver, BC

Sasha is an experienced creative leader with a passion for crafting industry disrupting stories for products and companies. She has lead multidisciplinary teams through the process of defining opportunities, creating community, shaping strategies, and designing concepts for clients. Sasha is the founder and Creative Director of West Coast Brand Management–a storytelling agency based in downtown Vancouver, Canada. WCBM specializes in elevating the stories of companies whose products and services were created with the common pursuit of making the world a better place. Sasha has also spent time writing, editing, and directing media publications and has managed public relations for clients with brands like VOGUE and GRAMMY Awards.

Connor McCracken – Vancouver, BC

Connor McCracken is a freelance creative professional with a focus on motion design and graphic design.

His experience comes from Emily Carr University of Art & Design as well as extensive agency work in London and Dubai.

Connor is the founder of Project Pilgrim, a mental health photography project which took him around the world photographing and interviewing over 500 people about their mental health. For his work in mental health, Connor has received numerous awards and opportunities such as being named one of The 150 Leading Canadians For Mental Health and have the opportunity to interview Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge about their mental health.


Natalie Gulliver – Chicago, USA

As Founder & Creative Director of Poolhouse Creative, a design and production house with offices in both Chicago and Toronto, Natalie’s ability to understand a brand and what makes it tick is her finest quality. Her GSD attitude always results in a fun and creative partnership with a wildly successful outcome. Natalie has a background in Graphic Design, and her understanding of the Adobe Suite is an asset when collaborating with other creatives.

Career highlights:Creating unique & identifiable brand identities clients such as: The Seawolf, Studio B Web series, Specialty Coffee Association and an expansive collection of letterpress stationery.

Alexander Jensen – San Francisco, Mexico, Copenhagen

Alexander is a passionate entrepreneur committed to social impact, and using technology for good.

He is currently the CCO at Be My Eyes, where he works hard to make the world more accessible to people with visual impairments. Alexander’s passions include social change, innovation, breaking down barriers and creative business development.

Before joining Be My Eyes, Alexander started several companies, and worked at several startup incubators where he supported and advised hundreds of companies.

It brings Alexander great joy to use his skills to support like-minded entrepreneurs in their efforts to effect positive change in the world.

Chad Weir – Vancouver, BC

Chad is one of the Co-Founders of WIRTH. He is a technology, human development and change management researcher. A business development consultant, project manager, event director, accomplished entrepreneur and marketing specialist with a focus on human development, health and wellness. 

Chad has spent most of his life exploring human development, leadership, strategy, business development and the concept of global change management. He is currently focused on acquiring his PMP designation, obsessed with understanding the concept of the “tipping point”, developing his leadership capacity, while facilitating a conscious global shift in education, health and wellness. You can find him driving the charge behind initiatives like The Transplant Trot,  Wellmen, Mavrixx, Mindful Mass, Shorten The Divide,  The Foundation Project and now, WIRTH Hats.  

Michael Downie – Vancouver, BC

As an adventure vlogger and YouTuber, Michael is always on the go.

Michael’s video skills and creativity have helped WIRTH Hats with digital marketing, as well as being our first influencer partnership.

No matter where he’s off to, he’s rocking a WIRTH Hat and always happy to chat.

Downie Live!

Kate Read – Vancouver, BC

Originally from Australia, Kate has had years of experience as a designer in a wide range of interior projects taking them from conception through to client hand over.

Kate studied in Australia where she completed a Bachelor of Interior Design.  She is passionate about pop-up design which has led her to work on fashion shows in Australia through to pop-up events in Vancouver.

Currently, Kate works as an interior designer at Leckie Studio Architecture + Design and is committed to creating spaces that provide people with positive experiences and connections.

Kate loves good vibes, connecting with new friends and exploring B.C – even when it is raining because she can wear awesome hats!


Zafira Rajan – Vancouver, BC

Zafira is the founder of Zafira Rajan, Inc., a branding strategy and copywriting consultancy for conscious coaches, health, wellness and lifestyle entrepreneurs. She supports her clients in the elevation and creation of their brands through personality-driven conversion copy that brings their vision to life, and helps their audience lead healthier lives with joy and purpose.

Zafira has previously led the communications team at the nonprofit YES! Vancouver, and commits to donating a percentage of her earnings from each client to supporting literacy for women in underserved communities around the world. She’s a passionate about the power of community storytelling, and strives to help organizations and go-getters drive long-lasting, positive change.

She believes that the world is a better place when we don’t have to navigate it alone. She seeks out self-care in the forms of running by the seawall, regular counselling sessions at Peak Resilience Therapy, practicing yoga at Semperviva Yoga, 5.30AM meditations and group meditation with In Bed With Betty.

Tom Jones – Vancouver, BC

Tom has been sharing stories, positivity, and compassion through photography, film, yoga teaching, music, wellness retreats and community events across the world.

From the UK, via Australia and New Zealand, he’s now creating content, teaching yoga, and sharing music across Vancouver and beyond.

Having photographed and directed for the likes of Red Bull, Disney Channel, Adobe and Samsung, Tom brings an in-depth experience to the team at WIRTH, and is sharing his own content via his website www.tomlajones.com

Alvaro Masegosa – Vancouver, BC

As a third culture kid, Alvaro has grown up in countries like Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, America, Israel and India. He is now a freelance creative who specializes in branding, and content creation. He is particularly passionate about multi cultural communication and the power of visual storytelling.  Alvaro is proud to rep Wirth hats, and to be part of the conversation that normalizes mental health. 


John Kelsey – Vancouver, BC

John was born and raised on beautiful Vancouver Island, Growing up on the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, and under the snowcapped coastal mountains, natural beauty has always played a big part of his life. Wherever he is in the world, he tries to reflect this appreciation of natural beauty in his photography. “For the last four years I was living on my sailboat in New York city, working for Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger, in succession. As first assistant for Mark, I was lucky enough to travel the world with him, managing his photography world. It was an amazing opportunity and I learned more than I ever imagined. However, after calling my name for many years, the Pacific Northwest finally pulled me back, and I am now based out of Vancouver.

I have upgraded vessels to a 1977 DownEast 38′ sailboat, on which I am exploring the Northwest while working in both still photography and videography for clients in both Canada and the United States. I am also taking the opportunity to further pursue my passion for coastal environmental conservation, starting to work with a number of non-profits in the Pacific Northwest and setting my sights on some big initiatives in the coming year.”

John Kelsey Photo

Selina Davis – Vancouver, BC

Enabling and building small business brands are her passion. Starting in 2007 with the educational sector in Mexico and later in 2012 with The Denim Gallery Cafe she later expanded to international business development for the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell sector as well as co-host the famous Hackernest meetup in Vancouver. She is passionate about creating community and connecting people.

She is formally educated in Design and Formation at Langara College, Ruby on Rails development with CodeCore College and iOS development, Data Analytics, Data Science and Product Management certification with Brainstation.  She has been using WordPress 12 years now for clients such as Casting Workbook and Katusa Research.

She believes in WIRTH Hats’ dedication for positive mental health and she actively attends Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which for her, has been life changing.


Tami Schweber – Vancouver, BC


With a unique background and diverse set of skills, Tami brings passion and a sense of ownership to any project she is involved in.

After years of struggling with her own health issues, Tami decided to take control of her health by cleaning up her diet and lifestyle. She discovered the enormous role that food plays in health and learned to nourish her body, mind, and soul. It is on this journey that Tami fell in love with cooking and cultivating community.

Tami is happy to be part of the WIRTH family, as she feels very passionate about supporting and empowering others wherever they might be on their journey towards health.

Marina Bertoldi – Vancouver, BC

Marina is passionate entrepreneur and business enthusiast! After co-founding and running 3 businesses in Brazil, she decided to change careers and move to Canada to pursue her master’s degree in Digital Media.

She is now living her dream and working closely with brilliant entrepreneurs who are shaping the future at her new venture, Time Factory.

Her real passions are entrepreneurship, business strategies and innovation and she combines all of them everyday to help her clients build better products, faster!

Julie Heather Bernard – Vancouver, BC

Julie is a freelance photographer Julie Heather Photography with a passion for creating and capturing your celebrations. Hailing from the East Coast, Julie spent years in Ontario, obtaining her education in photography, communications and event management before a photography job with Golf Canada brought her to the west coast – prompting her to make the move to Vancouver. 

Community and charity have always been a part of of Julie’s core values and she instantly fell in love with the WIRTH project and the people involved. 

Whether working with a local children’s hospital, gala events or NBA All Star weekend, there has always been a relationship with self growth, relationship building and giving back. 

When Julie isn’t traveling, planning, capturing or editing your fabulous moments, you can find her wandering around on easy to intermediate level hikes, catching live music or trying some completely random new class. 

Sarah Tesla – Vancouver, BC

Sarah is a photo documentarian and researcher with a focus on reportage. She works with non-profits, NGO’s, media organizations and brands, producing, creating and managing content strategies that help tell stories and connect with audiences. She has over 15 years in communications, background in journalism and is currently pursuing her graduate degree in International Studies at Simon Fraser University. Her personal projects explore misrepresented issues, places and people, which include; post-conflict in the Middle East, Indigenous people, mental health and dispelling cultural myths.


Adam Brown, CPA – Vancouver, BC

Adam is a Chartered Professional Accountant who has spent the last four years working with one of the largest accounting firms in the world. His experience includes working with a diverse set of clients including large, multinational companies, tech start-ups, and local non-profits.

Adam doesn’t believe in transactional accounting. He’s interested in building long-term relationships with his clients- the kind in which he can be relied upon to consistently reduce your stress, help you make informed decisions, and come through for you whenever challenges arise.

Prior to becoming a CPA, Adam served in the military for 16 years as an Armoured Tank Troop Leader.