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Zoom Fletcher Donovan - Artist Raffle
Zoom Fletcher Donovan - Artist Raffle
Zoom Fletcher Donovan - Artist Raffle
Zoom Fletcher Donovan - Artist Raffle
Zoom Fletcher Donovan - Artist Raffle

Fletcher Donovan - Artist Raffle

$4.00 USD

This one-of-a-kind custom hand-painted WIRTH Hat is available as a raffle prize. $5 for one entry and $20 for five entries. All Proceeds go to the WIRTH Counselling Fund to support counselling for those in need.



This raffle is now closed

About The Artist

<p>This month we are over the moon to share with you our latest collaborative artist, Fletcher Donovan. Fletcher was given three weeks to put his own artistic flare on one of our blank WIRTH cream-coloured hats.</p>
<p>Fletcher's artwork is unique, uplifting, and truly one of a kind! We couldn't be happier to have had him a part of the WIRTH Hats Artist Series and create this one-of-a-kind WIRTH Hat.</p>
<p>"I wanted to create a hat that could help support someone in their own mental health journey. Of all the things I am passionate about, mental health and mental health awareness is a big one for me. This hat is made with a lot of love and I hope the person who ends up getting it, feels that and it puts a smile on their face."</p>
<p>Check out <a href="">Fletcher's Instagram here</a>.</p>

What is the WIRTH Artist Collaboration Series?

The WIRTH Artist Collaboration Series is a project aimed towards connecting with local and international artists who share WIRTH’S interest in the mental health space. Each month will feature a different artist who will be tasked with putting their artistic touch on one of our blank cream hats in the style of their choice. The artist will have roughly two weeks to complete the hat, at which point, the custom WIRTH Hat will be raffled off with all proceeds going towards the WIRTH Hats counselling fund.

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The WIRTH Gift Pack

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WIRTH is a hat company committed to doing something about mental health. Proceeds from your purchase go towards supporting mental health initiatives and the WIRTH Foundation's Counselling Fund. Our hats are made in Vancouver, Canada with high-quality fabric and a lot of love. WIRTH Hats is a symbol of conversation around vulnerability and openness. We are committed to ending the stigma surrounding counselling and therapy.


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