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First things first: a HUGE THANK YOU for supporting our mission, goals! You are incredibly important to us and we are so grateful to have you contribute to the WIRTH blog.

We’re looking for voices that are willing to openly share their stories of courage, vulnerability and how counselling and therapy has helped them cope-deal-thrive. The only way we can end the stigma surrounding counselling and therapy (#2 on our big goals!) is to bring as many voices into the mix as possible.

If this sounds like something you’d like to write… we’d love to invite you to submit your blog article that speak to any topics surrounding mental health resources, treatment, prevention, technology, areas our systems or policies need improvement ––whatever feels meaningful and real to you.

WIRTH’S Blog Mission Statement:

We aim to break down barriers, promote an open dialogue around mental health and ending the stigma surrounding counseling and therapy. Our goal is simple, we want everyone in the world; to know they are not alone, be willing to have a real conversation about their mental health, be willing to listen to others and never be afraid to own your “wirth”.

WIRTH’S Blog Guidelines

Posts on the WIRTH blog are intended to be relatable, helpful, not self-promotional. No jargon or corporate speak. Keep it interesting, conversational and relatable.

Our audience is fellow humans who are looking for connection. They care and many of them have full lives so make this something wirth reading! What are they going to get out of your post?

WIRTH’S General Brand Guidelines

  • The word “WIRTH” and the “H” Hats are always capitalized.
  • We don’t sugarcoat the dark stuff, but we always bring in the light, too.

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WIRTH’S Voice & Tone:

Fun, Valuable & Real …. And Stylish, Honest, Positive, Light

The voice and tone of everything we do should be “Fun, Valuable & Real”. We want to walk the line between serious and light, fun and heavy. This is how we invite people into the conversation and community – by making it open to all. Mental health doesn’t need to be heavy if it’s being human. Blend of serious but chummy, we got you, arm around your shoulder. We take the subject serious, but not ourselves. All content should be approachable, non threatening and conversational.


WIRTH’S Values


With our stories, our community and our purpose.


of all humans the way they are, and seeing e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e in their light.


Between our heads and our hearts, our purpose and our potential.


For our mind, our bodies and our state of being.


Makes us stronger and capable of crushing the mental health stigma, together.


To share the realities of mental health, to keep on going and to find a better solution.

Blog Requirements

Please review the following guidelines we have set out for the WIRTH blog.

Word count

800 (min) – 3000 (max) words.

Format for sharing

Share your draft in a Google Doc with contact@wirthhats.com


We may edit your post or bounce it back to you for revisions. We may edit anchor text and links that are not relevant to your post. Sometimes scheduling may change but we will let you know ahead of time. We ask that you be flexible and understand we’re doing our best! Thanks!


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  • Use headers and subheaders to break up your post.
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  • End the post with a question or a call to action for comments. The more specific, the better.


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Ben Miller – Vancouver, BC

Ben is founder of WIRTH Hats. He started WIRTH Hats in honour of Jakob Wirth and Philipp Altenburg, two friends who left this world far too early. Outside WIRTH Hats, Ben has led leadership and team development workshops in a variety of countries and companies, including Canada, US, Germany and Denmark. He is the creator of Ben Miller Workshops and a consultant at Refinery Leadership.

Ben has a Master’s degree from Copenhagen’s Business School’s (CBS) Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship program and has trained at improv theatres in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. In 2018, Ben competed in the first ever Quad Tandem World Championships, where two teams of four raced down the coast from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California in support of mental health.

Ben believes every person should have a counsellor or therapist, whether you’re at your peak or at your bottom. He first saw a counsellor in 2016 and has continued to do so once a month since. The best book he’s read recently that helped him through a tough period was: “Radical Acceptance”, by Tara Brach.






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Thank you & happy writing! 🙂

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